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My Anvil is Saddle Sore

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I am new to forging and have a peter wright 85 lb anvil which has a bit of a sag in the middle. It looks like it was beaten down enough that it sagged down like a worn out horse. It probably has a sag of 1/4" in the middle and goes gradually up toward the ends. The edges aren't that great either but okay. I read the anvil refacing BP but it appears to be concerning edges only. So my question is what can I do to fix this-- if anything?


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If it were mine I would do nothing about the sag. It is easier to straighten anything an a surface that has a low spot you can push the high spot of the work down into. The piece will bounce back a bit and it will help you. The surface should be smooth but the sag I would leave. I do not like sharp edges on my anvils. I do like them clean and with different radius's in differnt places,,Near the step I have a small radius, like less than one eigth inch near the heel a bit more. and the end of the heel I leave very little radius for the odd times I use that. Pw's are nice anvils. enjoy.

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