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gas forge newbie questions


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No, you don't HAVE to insulate a forge lots of old school gas forges used straight Missou or the equivalent an inch or two thick. But that was when the general wisdom said you couldn't forge weld in a gas forge. They just don't get hot enough you know. :rolleyes:

Castable or rammable hard refractories have about the same insulation as limestone, R1 = 1' of limestone. It's also a strong heat sink so it takes a lot of BTUs / hour, minute, second however you measure it to heat up and keep hot. Lacking insulation qualities means heat transfers through it efficiently and heats the room.

Enough Kaowool or equivalent to put 2 " in your forge will pay for itself after 3-4 tanks of propane. Assuming 24lb tanks. That's an estimate not an exact break even number.

Frosty The Lucky.

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