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Question about Hofi Woop Tongs

Bob Hensley

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reproduction size divided by original size equals percentage

50 cubits divided by 4000 cubits = 0.125 or 12.5% reduction
4000 cubits divided by 50 cubits = 8.00 or 800% enlargement
1.5" / 2" = 75% reduction or 0.75
employing that number times any other dimension at the original scale,
9" long x 0.75 = 6.75" in scale,
for arcs employ radius or diameter measurements for a reductionenlargement

as to how ergonomic or mechanically applicable a direct scaling might be......
Id imagine some aspects should be scaled and others remain basically the same
(though an overall scaled dimension of 75% might suit a child)

when it comes to drawing out a dimensioned stock it gets even more interesting
while 12" stock is twice as small dimensionally than 1" stock, its one quarter as much mass to move around
which of course effects the length you'd produce for a given shape, so while it would remain in scale,
mixing dimensions some at the original size and some at the reduction gets complicated

or not,
just have extra and trim it to size when the results become obvious
the main fixed point I see is the rivet which he gives the following dimensions

The eye.

The distance from the Center Punch to the end of Tongs is

For # 2" it is 4"

For # 1 1/2" it is 3 1/2"

For # 1" the steel is 9/16" OD and the distance is 3"
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