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firepot and or blower question


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 I am new to this to begin with. I built my forge from scavenged metal from scrap yard. The fire pot is 8 x 10 x 4'' deep, constructed from 3/4'' flat plate. I drilled 12 -1/4'' holes in a round 3'' circle. My airgate is a slide in a 3''ID, schedule 40 steel pipe. The blower is a welding gas evacuation blower and is pretty strong, I can easily blow large pieces up and out of the fire pot. The airgate seems to be very sensitive to very small adjustments. I get a good fire initially then it begins to burn hollow and as i push it in from the sides of the pot with a shovel as I have seen done on youtube, the fire cools and then I have to open the airgate and soon it is burning hollow again. I am too new to be able to determine if I have #1- too much air velocity do I need a smaller blower?, #2- poor airgate design, would a round butterfly inside the pipe be better to control airflow?. #3- Do I need to shallow up the fire pot to 3'' and drill more holes to lessen velocity? Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer..

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Photos of the fire pot would help.

Try using a piece of expandable metal dryer vent to connect the blower to the forge. Connect the forge side with radiator clamps. You can join several small clamps together to make a larger one if needed.

On the blower side, leave a 3-4 inch gap and aim the blower toward the dryer vent pipe. More directly for more air, not so directly for less air. If needed extend the gap as needed to get the air flow you want. 

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I like a lot of air to be able to get to the fire. With a brake drum and a 2 inch center opening, I use a single 3/8 bolt as a grate. With a 3 inch opening, I use two 3/8 inch bolts. 


This is a 3 inch opening. I am able to burn coal dust in the forge.

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