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Straightening a Shaft!??

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I have just picked up a small knee mill and am now in the process of rebuilding it. One problem I've now run across is the one of the threaded table shafts is bent. It's a semi long shaft (30"), threaded and has a number of different diameters on it. The end portion where the hand crank is, is 1/2" in diameter x 7" long, unthreaded and this is the area where it

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2 'v' blocks on the table of the mill, and a clamp (in one of the 't' slots) to push down in the center of the bend. clamp it a bit past straight and it should come back straight.

(machine heal thyself)

Ive straightened shafts a couple on inch dia using 1 clamp with a single piece of 20mm screwed rod (or 3/4 " allthread to you yanks :)

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