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SLICED bread stand aside!

The next best thing may be at hand.

Radioactive cesium and strontium atoms in water are a major health hazard.

The melted down Japanese nuclear reactor in Fukushima has tens of thousands of gallons of that contaminated water.

It is, also, found elsewhere.

A cheap substance has been found that removes those radionuclides. They are then concentrated & ready for recycling.

All the decontaminated water is fit for environmental release.

The substance is oxygenated coke. It's cheap, natural, disposable, and recyclable.

Check it out at,


SLAG industries, and the Sturgeon General have determined that this information is to be used at the readers sole risk.

SLAG Industries does not bestow any express, nor implied warranty of fitness for the information therein .

(also, Chairmen SLAG is essentially broke after a recent judgment pursuant to a long course of domestic legal proceedings, ((read acrimonious divorce)),   )

He is, essentially judgment-proof.


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