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First forge session this year

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well I'm proud to say I have just finished the first forging of the year. Well... it wasn't too bad, I finished my pot rack details, but as far as the actual rack hook stock.. I accidently ended up forge welding them together the heat was so intense. I think I was being too cocky since I finally acquired my anvil that I was trying to fold and weld flat metal stock together to just practice get a feel for it, then put in my stock for the pot rack hooks after I cleaned up my attempts for the folding. but in short I have a 1 inch piece of metal that looks more like a half shell of a muscle and 5 welded together pieces of 1/4 round stock, a forearm lightly dusted with blisters from dragon's breath and ash and a coal forge almost garranteed to have tons of clinkers... was it worth it? I was a little embarrassed at my attempts today, but I'm excited I did attempt and fail, gives me somthing to work on, I mean if I could do it overnight than what's the fun of smithing?

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Congratulations on getting some hammer time! My neck / shoulder / arm is getting much better but I don't know when I'll be able to do my first forging of the year. Hopefully within a month's time.

post pix of your accidental welds! even as a mistake they sound kind of cool.

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Good for you! Believe it or not the weather here was above freezing yesterday and no wind (rare in winter here). I got the forge going and made some stuff too. Made replacements for the fire tools I left for the new forges at the group shop and made several welds, just for the sake of making several welds.
Remember, even guys like Yellin and Hofi were newbies once too!

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