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I Forge Iron

Inspirational video-its perty good

Mark Ling

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I was shown this video earlier in the week, and thought it was very good. It doesn't necessarily relate to blacksmithing directly, but thought it might help some of yall who are struggling.

                       Watch the video and find out what its about!-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHaooRlwtzI



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The concept is sound, become what you want to be.

Another concept is to choose a small step that CAN be accomplished and do make it happen. If it is an S hook than make one, then another that is better, and another that is better still. Then refine the technique to make it better, faster, and with less effort. With that success, move on to the next project. 

If someone wants to discourage you, thank them and move on. When they say it can not be done, then thank them and move on. Find someone that can show you that not only CAN it be done, but find someone who is willing to show you how to do it. 

It is YOUR dream, so dream big. How big? It is YOUR dream, make it as big as you want, and then some.

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