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I Forge Iron

Something 'primal'


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I have worked metal for a long time.  I have welded, machined and (a long time ago) ... cast.

This is my current basement shop

 I am also a 'wet shaver' ... I feel like I am going backwards in time.  I started with the older double edge razors ... I went to a single edge, and now I am into straights ... 

I thought I might like to try my hand at making my own straight razor ... 

There is something that appeals to me about forging metal .. the heat, forge, hammer and anvil ... it appeals to me on nearly a primal level. 

So - I am on a new adventure ... wish me luck



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Good luck!

We have at least one member who creates magnificent straight razors.  They are certainly not what most of us would consider beginner forging projects, but if that's your goal and you put in the time to reach it I for one will be looking forward to your creations.

There are several threads on here regarding straight razors.  Unfortunately a lot of pictures were lost in a software "upgrade," and to make matters more challenging the search function on this site isn't the best.  You're usually better off doing a web search and including "iforgeiron" as part of your key phrase.

Just a word of caution though.  Hammering on hot steel can be quite addictive and you may find it consuming most of your spare time.  Don't forget to post pictures of your work.

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