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Need a couple of rivet forge dimensions


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I am restoring a rivet forge like the one shown in the photo from Champion.  This is the style where a leather belt engages the clutch to turn the blower rather than having a gear train with a gear segment.

Because this is a restoration rather than just a re-hab, I have a couple of dimension questions and was hoping someone here had an "original" to provide a reference.  The pump handle is missing as is the "U" bracket for it.  The mounting arm is still there and the rest is in reasonably good shape.  Can someone tell me the dimensions of the pump handle as well as the length it extends past the fulcrum at the U bracket?  Also, it'd be nice to know the diameter and length of the connecting link rod from the handle to the mechanism.  Were these handles originally painted?  If so, any idea as to color? A photo of the original U bracket would be very helpful also.

I could guess at all that but I would like to get it back as close to original as possible because it's for the Ag museum.

Thanks for the help!


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OK, this is what I've got. Again, not the same model as your Champion, but I hope this helps. Apologies for the poor photo quality.

The handle is made from 1-1/4" square stock, 32" long. 


Here is the transition from square to round:


Here is the location for the mounting bolts for the swivel bracket:


Here is the swivel bracket itself. On this version, the swivel is metal-on-metal, not a wooden lever pivoting on a metal pin. 


The connecting rod on mine is about 5/16" round and 8" long, but it and its upper attachment look like replacements. It attaches to the handle about 1-1/4" from the end. 


I hope this helps!

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