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Teaching a total beginner?

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Thank you Dick, that is a good idea. I've always used a piece of modeling clay, it can be reused many times, but they could hit the 2x4 harder,..... or miss.

I sometimes draw a circle on the anvil face, and try to get the student to do all the forging within the circle. 

My teaching partner and I had a class yesterday, 8 students, 14 yr. old girl, to a "mature" woman, 6 guy's. Everyone completed the project. I learn something new every class. 

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On 9/15/2016 at 7:04 PM, seldom (dick renker) said:

one of the things i like to due with raw beginners is give them a peice of 2x4 about a foot or so long and have them hit it for awhile. lets them see where tthey are not hitting.emphasizes hammer control


I was going to say the exact same thing.

With my right hand(dominant), I learned with metal after reading about basic techniques. I am currently using a 2x4 to help train my left hand/arm. After only practicing a couple times I am able to do accurate enough power blows, so at this point I at least have enough control to relieve my dominant on larger stock. Once I get more control of the weight I will work on fine tuning my blows for finishing work.

I highly suggest doing this for practice, so effective!



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