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Spindle gauge from boiler spring


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Hi all,

It's been a long time since I've posted something but now I had a nice little project I would like to share.

In my job as industrial gasturbine engineer I tend to mess around in boiler houses of combined heat powerplants. A few weeks ago I was eyeballing some scrap coil springs of the pressure relief valve of a steam boiler. I asked the plant engineer what he was going to do with 'em and he said he was going to throw 'em away.... No way José!

So I asked if I could have 'em which was allright by him....Thank you very much!

Last winter I was at my aunt's place and she asked me if I could take away some old junk from my uncle's workshop, and aha there was this old woodturning machine waiting to be rescued.

So I took it back home, cleaned it and modified it a bit and it was ready to go again. Unfortunately there were no proper gouges with it anymore, so I thought I 'd make my own.

Now that's what I did with the coilspring from the boiler. Straightened it, forged a gouge, hardened and sharpened it and turned a handle for it from a branche out of the backyard. The gouge where I turned it with was a try-out from a retainer ring from an epicyclic gearbox. It looks odd, but it does the job as well.

Anyway, have a look at the pics...

Have a nice day, Bart. 


Spindle gouge.JPG


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I too have a wood lathe in need of tooling (just built a pole lathe) and I also have coil springs waiting to be reborn.....so as soon as time permits. Yes Gergely I also spotted the clogs and am wondering if they are shopwear. I've been wondering if I should try a pair myself but had in mind the british type of wooden soul with a leather upper typically worn in many industries up to the mid 1900's and especially in the steel industry.

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Yep, clogs are shopwear....and around the house.

I've been running around on 'em since I was a child.

The pair on the pic is  new,most of the time I have to file out the right upper partof a new "klomp" (clog) to get it comfortable because my right foot is slightly deformed by a motorbike accident...

For the rest I like 'em very much. No sweaty feet, solid nose and if you wish you can nail or glue rubber anti slip soles underneath....

Lots of people over here got the leather uppers as well, lots of types over here! Dutch are cloggies ey....

Grtz, Bart.

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