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I just bought my first post drill for $30.00. Its a Columbia but there are no identifying numbers anywhere on the drill.  It is stuck pretty solid at this point but I have gotten some of the smaller parts moving and the set screws loose.  I think I can get the rest moving with more work, lubrication and time.  The drive wheel for the self feeder is broken but a prior owner forged a piece of similar size stock to complete the circle then encased both pieces in a ring of metal that looks similar to a mini wagon tire.  I just need to cut or grind the teeth into the new semi circle so the actuator arm will move the wheel.  I also need to make the actuator arm which I think I can accomplish.  There are a couple of gears missing that appear to have been mounted on a 1/2 diameter x 10 inch long shaft.  The shaft is missing as well.  It should be mounted between the main shaft and the fly wheel.  I have no idea what they two gears might do but I have seen a picture of a similar vice from a post on this site from several years ago. Does anyone have any of those parts for sales in the parts box or have any ideas what those gears are intended to accomplish.

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Are you still working on this project? pictures would really help but I came into a similar post drill recently. it has a sort of lever operated clutch on the left side of the main shaft as you are facing the tool that looks like it engages and additional system to lower the main shaft. it has some other hardware on there as well. mine needs a few parts as well but I'd be happy to compare notes if this sounds similar to what you have.

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Yes still "working" on if by working you mean its not reassembled and turning yet.  I have it completely disassembled except for the main shaft (quill?) which is stuck in place to the mounting surface.  I have tried everything but electrolysis to break down the rust but I am hesitant to put the larger pieces into a tank for fear of not being able to rinse it off on the inside and creating glue like stuck.  I think I have the drive wheel and lever figured out once I get it apart.  Still no idea what those two other missing gear on the left side and the shaft they rotate on might do unless its to help lower the main shaft as you seem to be saying.  I thought the drive gear on top and the actuator arm on the right were what lowered the main shaft.  I found a picture of what its supposed to look like on EBay but I can't seem to attach it



Since this drill is upside down the gears lever and shaft on the right side in the photo.  This is not mine but the one I saw on E-Bay.

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