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Nicholson 'Western Cut' Mill File


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Can someone tell me what "western cut" means when applied to a file? My plans for setting up a building for my attempt to enter the world of blacksmithing took a hit this Spring when 70 mph straight line winds took down the outbuilding I was turning into a shop. When cooler weather arrives I plan to rebuild it but for now I'm pretty much spinning my wheels.
I have my post vise mounted so that I can move it around so I thought I might try to practice some draw filing. I bought some of these files but have not yet tried them out. I tried googling the term but didn't have any success. Anyone familiar with the description western cut?



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52 minutes ago, CMS3900 said:

It's considered a "fast cutting" Mill file.  Nicholson no longer lists them on their site, so they may no longer be in production.

The 10" File was pn 09658, the 12" 09677.


Thanks, that appears to be what I have. From here:http://www.dixieconstruction.com/Catalogs/Cooper Nicholson Files_Saws 550615.pdf 

Western Cut.PNG

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