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Hawkeye Power Hammer

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I'm getting a little ahead of myself here because I've already got too many irons in the fire but wanted to start thinking about how best to display the power hammer in the Ag Museum--promised last week that I'd get some photos.

Right now, it's just against a wall and comes off like a "thing".  No story being told and little interest because it confuses most visitors.  I'd eventually like to display it better, maybe even have it running at 1/100th speed or something (not for public use but for staff to demonstrate the notion of a power hammer).  Not really sure.  Ideas?  No, I can't put it into actual use at this time.  I don't have the clout to go that far with it...yet :) 

Yes, it seems to be in running condition as it sits.  It's set up for wide flat belt drive.  The inertia of the machine seems too high for a small (hidden) electric motor so it'd need something a little larger to put into motion.  Probably quarter or half horse minimum.

Anyway--I'd love to hear some thoughts on better displaying this and ideas on what can be done to help visitors understand how it was used.  If you happen to have more information on Hawkeye hammers, that'd help also.  The Ad says they came in 3 sizes and I have no clue what size this would be considered, other than a #2.  Thanks!


The old ad shows the drive side much more clearly than my photo does so I'll use that instead



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Have you  considered not having it make full rotations  but  using  something to linearly actuate  it  where it would move up and then reverse to move  down to show the movement of the helve. Then you  could adjust the length of movement so the dies  don't fully  contact. Or stage a plow blade or something similar to show how it could have been used in a ag scenario. Chris

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I used to have a #3 Hawkeye.  It said what model it was on the front pedestal.  My #3 had a cast iron rear pedestal, so I would guess that yours is #1 or #2.  In the ad, the #2 says so on the casting so if your says nothing maybe its a #1.

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