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(simple) blacksmithing on a classic car

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on a high end built 1970 AAR Cuda, upgrading with parts that didnt play well together was causing failures at the track, even after I feinorced the control arms we needed adjustment in the sway bars and the rear one was just too weak, no after market options, rather than just welding new ends on I stuck my blacksmithing neck out and said we should just make new ones the way we wanted  (the customer, an engineer, went for it),  ater running everything thru solid works, i made the easy front bar with two bends and ears in 4140, and the rear with 12 bends on different planes.  Car Craft magazine picked up the project, and after professional heat treat ( I was not going to attempt to temper anything this big) the new anti sway bars improved performance on track day according to the data logger and driver.  http://www.hotrod.com/articles/how-to-make-a-custom-sway-bar/   blacksmithing is not just a compliment to the fabrication, sheetmetal and machining we do its the foundation of all of it and the entire reason I got into this  this career

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