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I Forge Iron

I learned something important yesterday

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My forge is probably not intended for fine silver work, or I am not intended for fine silver work.  Either way I am without an anniversary present for my wife.

My wife is an avid reader so I thought it would be thoughtful to make her a special bookmark.  I order some PMC3 silver clay (Great stuff for people with zero silversmithing skills). rolled it out, embossed it with my special love you saying.  Added a couple other things, including our sons' finger prints.  I did everything I was supposed to do up to the firing.  It was too long to fire on the camp stove as I have done for small things so, me being me said "hey I have I forge".  I got the smallest flame I could from one burner.  All went fine, got the cherry red I was looking for, kept the piece moving and in less than two minutes I had a bubbling silver mass.  :angry:

Everyday is a learning experience. 

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You saved the silver mass I assume? Sounds like Mokume stock to me. Next time bring it to melty red and take it out?

And aren't I doing what I gripe about other folk doing, making suggestions without knowing diddly about the material.

Don't sweat living on the learning curve when you stop learning is a good time to start worrying or too late to.

Frosty The Lucky.

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