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Anybody know what type of hammer this is?

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Hi Marc,

What part of the world is this hammer located in? The TC is something Tom had put on the tools he sold. This hammer came from Pakistan, but i can't say if it was originally made in Pakistan, or just refurbished there.



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Thanks for the reply Ian! 

The hammer is here in the US. I'm interested in buying it, but the owner who recently acquired it as part of a larger sale doesn't know what brand it is. Unfortunately there are no other markings except for the TC - 195. The owner thought that maybe it had been refurbished by Tom at some point. 



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Would you mind specifying a little as to where exactly the hammer is in the US? I ask not to buy it, but just help track the origin of this hammer down and try to help you out a bit. I did work for Tom briefly towards the end, and its similar (if not the same) as three that he had brought stateside from Pakistan as a test. If memory serves, they were being made by the same company that made his tongs. Anyway, they're a decent hammer, having ran two smaller sisters to this hammer, can say they are a good machine, and pack quite the hit!

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