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Attwood Stourbridge 1 0 1

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Hey Folks


I picked up an Attwood Stourbridge 1 0 1 (113lbs) the other day, face is in alright shape considering the age, however someone knocked the horn off of it.

I was considering drilling a hole, threading it and either running a standoff inside a replacement horn and welding it on or drilling all the way through and bolting the horn on, then welding it.

However once I cleaned the name off the side and looked it up I am hesitant to foul up an old girl like this if it has any value to a collector (even missing the horn).

I could work with hardy hole tools, but I was intending on honey badgering this broken gal until I came across a much larger anvil.

Are they worth anything in North America with a missing horn? (reason I say North America is I work for a flat deck transport company that I can send this piggybacking anywhere for a very reasonable cost)

I am going to clean it up more and take some pictures, though I did grab one of the name.

Looks like someone was testing chisels out on the sides.Attwood.thumb.jpg.5c0a164172369871cffc53

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You could always weld a square shank to the horn and use it in the hardie hole. I'm not sre of collector vallue, I've never Evan heard of this brand, but I guess that's maybe good. Don't take my advice about weluding on a hardie shank untill you now if it's some rare anvil that you don't want to mess it up in the eyes of a collector. 

Oh, I forgot, did it come with the horn? Looking back on your post I don't think it did come with the horn....


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