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air gate?


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So i started building my new coal forge and im to the point now where its time to make my tuyere, air supply line, and the ash dump. i've got a pretty good idea of how im going to build it. my question is on air flow adjustment ive seen a couple different setups (via pictures on the internet :wacko:) 1. the "air gate"  and 2. putting a door on the intake of the blower to damper down the air.  im going to be using a Fasco B45227 115 Volt 265 CFM Centrifugal Blower.

which one provides the best control while at the same time now over working the blower? I just want to make sure im not going to overheat and blow this blower up like i did the 3 salvaged ones on my other forge. i think my other 3 didn't make it because i was putting more of a load on them than they were meant to handle. the first 2 were squirrel cages out of old microwaves, and the last one was out of an old dishwasher.

pictures of the forge to come later! as soon as my blower shows up haha.

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On 6/26/2016 at 2:52 PM, Frank Turley said:

I brazed a little round butterfly valve inside the 3" intake stovepipe, It has a little handle coming through the side where I'm standing.

thanks frank, ill give that a try!

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