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Hello all, I was looking at my anvil and noticed that the Vulcan logo looks quite different than the standard logo with the arm and hammer.  The logo is low comparable to other vulcans I have seen and clearly shows "vulcan" and what almost looks like "mars" below it. On the heel side at the base is a raised "67" and on the horn side is a raised 12 (assuming weight 120lbs). 

Any info would be nice. The anvil is in good shape just wondering on the logo. Looks different than all the others I have seen. Thanks for any info.










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Thanks! I paid $40 for it and $40 for a four legged hand pump rivet forge (no name, just cast numbers). I wasn't sure on the logo because I haven't seen that older logo before. I have been meaning to get that book too. Thanks for the reply. Is there a picture of that logo you could post? I will see if i can search for it.

With that being the earliest logo around 1876, then the 67 cast in doesn't seem to be a date then would it?  I read somewhere that those may be a date but if they didn't start until 1876, 1867 dosent seem logical and with the old logo, 1967 dosent seem correct either. If this is a late 1800's anvil then thats cool.  Apprecite the info.


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Thanks Matto, what year did they switch to the next logo? So I have an idea of age. Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it. 

At some point I will get the Anvils of America book which I assume has a lot of info that will answer most of my future questions.


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Awesome Matto, appreciate the help there.  I thought I saw what looks like the "I.I. & B. Co" by the 67 cast in just on the transition but it is definitely not as big as the one that is shown. It is right on the transition from the foot to the waist right at the horizontal edge. When i get home tomorrow I'll take a pic. Could just be casting slag but looks intentional. Probably just my eyes playing tricks. Anyway, thanks for the help.

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