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Repurposing Horse Shoes

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I mentioned previously on another post that I'm a "chain nut" , love chain and I'm always , picking up a piece here or there a few yrs. ago I was headed to the hardware store and in our area we have a few paved roads but most are dirt  that cut over the mountains and hence a short cut.  I was going by an old farm tht had just been sold to some down country folks and they had cleaned out the barn and left a bunch by the road with a Free sign on it.  Well now Free is my speed and I spotted some chain in the mix so I slammed on the brakes back up and threw the chain in the back of the truck.

When I looked them over later I saw they were Tire chains for a small tractor made from old draft horse shoes.  All broken up but good for me, today I dragged them out of the barn and took a few pics of them which I hope will load on here.  Not great picture but a good bit of Yankee ingenuity here.




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