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Alldays and onions hammer TUP adjustment and maintenance

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The guide is a brass plate riveted/bolted to a cast wedge/carriage. The nuts on either side allow you to increase the wedge action by slackening the one on the left and then tightening the one on the right ...on my 1 and 3 cwt hammers.

Sometimes you have to be clever...and having tightened the one on the right go back and tighten the one on the left...just enough to take up half the slack and rotate the wedge assembly so that the brass plate is vertical. Tightening the one on the right can jamb the bottom of the brass plate again the tup and tightening the left one tends to jam the top of the brass against the tup...jiggle to get it half way.

I did find that the 3cwt brass had worn two grooves in it and as you slid the wedge across the edges of the grooves would bind on the edges of the flats on the tup. So you could get so tight that it would not fall through gravity alone but could still rotate...I relieved the edges of the brass grooves with the angle grinder.

Relatively easy to replace. Lump of brass, take care to unscrew the copper fixings so you can re-use them.

I thought it covered this in the handbook, maybe not.

Always give the flats a squirt and smear of oil before you start up the hammer.


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Thanks Alan, really helpful. I will try it later this week. I did download the manual PDF but unless I am missing a page or two it just mentions that it is adjustable but not how. I am really glad to find someone who has got one so expect more questions regards this hammer.

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