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May 19 -21, 2016 Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths

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2016 AACB Blacksmith Conference
Appalachian Area Chapter of Blacksmiths
Now Celebrating 50 Years!
May 19 -21, 2016
Murfreesboro, TN
@ Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village

google: AACB Blacksmiths google: AACB Blacksmiths

www.aacblacksmiths.org REGISTER ONLINE http://www.aacblacksmiths.org/

Featured Demonstrators:
• Mark Aspery- Will be doing projects from his 3 books The Skills of a Blacksmith. Mastering the Fundamentals Of Blacksmithing, Mastering the Fundamentals of Leafwork, Mastering The Fundamentals Of Traditional Joinery.

• Susan Hutchinson- produce a variety of contemporary, functional items for the home and garden made from metal

• Julie Clark-Will assist Susan and is an accomplished blacksmith with amazing pieces on commission and for sale through galleries and fine-art festivals.

AACB Demonstrators:
• Larry Cole - Anvil Repair - Larry will show you the tricks and materials you need to fix your own anvil.
• Dan Pelletier - Hand-Forged Hammer - Dan will show you how to make a hammer from a piece of truck axle.
• Samuel Stoner - Traditional Knife Making - Samuel will make a complete hand forged knife on Saturday.

Family Programs:
• Jeff Moseley - Copper Pencil Cup- Learn how to work with copper.
• Marilyn Jobe - Glass Fusing Jewelry - Learn how to create your own jewelry for yourself and friends. You will leave with 2 to 3 pieces of your own art.

• Green Coal Classes - Learn from experts how to make some of your favorite projects. Tongs,jigs,forge welding,tools.

Blacksmith Vendors and tail gate sales:

John Guenther -- Knife Cases

John & Ritchie from Miss. -- truck load 5160 tool steel

Green-Mengel -- Old and new blacksmithing tools, anvils, swage blocks, cone mandrels, etc.

Don & Karen Alderson-- Rolling hardware store.Huge layout of shop and garage supplies. Everything you would need: grinding wheels, flap wheels, zip ties,bungee cords, tape,carter pins, hooks for chains, etc. Think of a Harbor Freight on wheels.

Tool Fool -- Old and new blacksmith tools, anvils, swage blocks, blowers, forges, etc.

Blue Moon Press- 100's of new and used Blacksmith Books from numerous authors including Mark Aspery one of the main demonstrators.

Jerry Dunlap-- Wholesale LED shop lighting

Danny & Broadus-- Mini gas forges

Inksmith- 100's of blacksmith branded t-shirts and clothing

Buzz--- Large assortment of blacksmith equipment. Hossfeld Bender Model #2 bender, rivet forge, post vices, anvils, metal, ferrier, farrier tools, sand paper, tongs, old tools, metal work bench table.

Chuck Zimmerman-- Large assortment of old treasure or junk, depends on the person and large assortment of new individual 1060 leaf springs.

Martha Dunlap-- Hand made Crocheting

Stephen Feinstein-- nostalgic blacksmith signs and jewelry.

Ron Richerson's Green River Custom Knives
Everything a knife maker could want or need. He has a large assortment of metals for blade making including Damascus. His large variety of materials for knife handles is unmatched, from exotic woods to antlers of all species to mammoth teeth. Green River has it all.

Swirl Girl Art
Allison Bohorfoush is Swirl Girl Art! She has been creating one-of-a-kind original artwork jewelry for 22 years and travels to shows throughout the Southeast.

Blacksmith Supply
Blacksmith Supply and owner John Elliott "try to stock the items we, as blacksmiths, use everyday."
-- Whisper gas forges
-- Smithin Magicians
-- Fuller Punch sets & swage blocks.

Mount Sharon Forge
Mount Sharon Forge was started in 1991 by Ray Spiller who has been blacksmithing since 1983. Ray will be at the Conference selling a wide variety of hand-made tongs, scroll jigs, and art work. Visit Ray & Mount Sharon Forge on facebook and http://mountsharonforge.com/ also @ the AACB 2016 conference

Allan Kress
Working as a self-employed blacksmith has afforded Allan the time to travel and take classes from many well-known Master Blacksmiths. Allan sell power hammer tools, both closed and open faced, as well as hot and cold cuts and a wide assortment of hand files.

Iron Mountain Forge
Ironmountain Custom built blacksmithing tools. Designed by a master with more than 40 years experience. Cast anvils, swages, mandrels, cones, tools.
(614) 946-5045

Enjoy Benny Wilson and his custom made line shaft trailer using a hit and mis engine for power.

Saturday 3:15pm Iron-In-The-Hat and Large Auction: Public can enter free after 3pm Saturday.
We will be having a huge auction and iron-in-the-hat with hundreds of planned items.

Complete Forge to be drawn for:
One of the larger items available this Conference is a complete electric forge with side-draft hood, 4" postvise, 90 lb Hay Budden anvil, tongs, hammers,spring fullers and more blacksmithing tools as shown below (more tools to be added).

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