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Looking to start smithing, Manchester UK

Jamie Skuse

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My name's Jamie and I'm from Manchester, UK. I'm sure it sounds rather clichéd but metalworking has been something I've wanted to take up for years, but for one reason or another I'm only now actively looking into it. I'm loving this forum, all the advice and tips that its members have imparted to fellow newbies is really encouraging, but before I get started I'd like to do some training, or at least try it out and make sure it's for me.

I've tried to contact the local forges, but I've either got no reply or they're not willing to help (understandable, I'm sure it's hard to keep someone new to the craft safe whilst trying to operate a forge). Does anyone know of a blacksmith in Manchester or the North West who would be willing to show me the ropes/let me try it for myself? I'll be able to drive soon so any suggestions further afield are also welcome!

Thanks for reading,



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