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I Forge Iron

Did some cutting with my blade


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I finally got to do some cutting today with my first forged blade. I started out battoning it thru some dry white oak fire wood, and then battoning thru the pieces, after that I found a nice little sapling and battoned thru it and then chopped off all the limbs and cut it to length. Next I made a little stake and hammered it into a stump deep enough that I could chop the knife into the stake and it would stay.
It was a little cold outside for my son and I so I decided to try out the BSA striker cut that was on the back of the blade. I used the flat end to scrape off some cedar bark and then collected some twigs. I pushed the flat end into the stump and held onto the handle with my weak hand, and then drew the metal match across the scalloped edge with my strong hand, having pushed the cedar tinder nest right against the blade. After I found my sweet spot on the edge the sparks flew! Very soon I had a nice little fire going on the stump and my knife did not have a rolled edge for once. So after all that cutting the edge could still shave, and I was a very happy new owner.
I even went so far as too chop up a deer thigh bone from November that the dogs had drug into the yard. After a few minuets of fast chopping all up and down the blade, the edge was finnaly dinged up. The little dings were so small though that It only took a few passes on my Eze-lap to get the edge back up to scary sharp! I also did the same test with my CS Master Hunter, there were more dings on that blade and they were bigger, is it sad that it made me smile?





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