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Some random projects of mine.


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I thought to put some pictures of my projects. I'm just a hobbyist, so the level is, I guess, quite far from people doing this professionally. I'm painfully aware that there are far more small mistakes in these that you can find from these photos but any comments are welcome.

Couple of flowers. These kind of fun to make and I've gotten number of better looking ones done already.



My wife "commissioned" me to make something to hang flower pots from. 



A friend asked me to make something that he can use to pull ashes out of a small masonry heater.


I'll add couple more pictures soon.


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8 minutes ago, Daswulf said:

The plant hangers look like where you fullered for the mounting holes may end up being a weak point when under weight may bend.  Other then that looking good. Keep at it. 

Yeah. They went bit deeper than I initially meant to but were strong enough to hold the plants for couple years straight now. If I'd do it again, I'd leave them somewhat thicker.


4 minutes ago, Scrambler82 said:

i like the plant hangers and your Anvil is in great condition.

The anvil is actually owned a semi retired friend of mine who let's me to use his "shop".

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  • 2 months later...

Again had time to much about couple projects. Well not as soon I thought when I last time posted.

So I tried to work around a bit of the weak points on the plant hangers. This time it feels a lot sturdier to my hand at least.


Then one coat hanger.


I also had some time to just try some random things so I made a fillet fork for fish. Unfortunately the picture does not really do it justice.


Least and kind of most simple to make a hoof hook.


If nothing else, I've had fun making these and a lot of scrapped tests before getting at least close to a decent work.

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