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welding D2 steel


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The blocks I'm welding are 3 1/2" square by 14" long. Good clean metal--edges to be welded beveled 3/16" making a V almost a 1/4" wide. For the root pass I used 3/32" 6011 rod--welder set on 90 amps with the blocks clamped together. To keep the heat down(D2--air hardening) I welded about an inch on each end in the middle and starting in the middle on each side alternating made 4 welds a couple inches apart. Each weld was peened immediately after lifting the rod. I had intended to use 7018 1/4" rod, more amps to finish the welding, the first welds tacking the blocks. When I took the clamp off,after cooling a while, the @#%$*%$ things make a cute little "ting" and most of the welds split. First time experence for me but then I've never used D2. Do I need pre-heat?? E-mails are welcome--click on profile. Thanks folks, in advance.

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You are getting carbon precipitation which leads to embrittlement. D2 is a fairly high carbon tool steel and the chilled area around the weld is getting so brittle that the stress causes the weld to break. Like JR said, 10018 would be better but the best thing would be to TIG it with a D2 filler rod.

The Carpenter and Crucible tool steel websites used to have some good info on welding - as did Uddeholm. I have not looked for it lately but you might try a google search and then do a little reading.

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Thanks guys for the quick answers! I figured I needed the preheat but didn't think about the rule on rod strength. I don't have access to a tig so I'm off to the welders supply today for more rod. In building the jyh hammer I'm using what materials I have or can trade for. The D2 was free! So far I've spent $10 and have just about all I need. It's coming together but slower than I thought. :roll:

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