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Need Help Indentifying This Anvil

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Just bought this anvil. I have not weighed it, but guess it is at 100#.
Note the '100' on the foot. Also, there is a obscured (serial?) number on the back - possibly '99H'

This anvil scores between 80-90% on 'rebound test'.
Note the mounting lobes - someone suggested it might be a Fisher, but I do not see the Fisher name on it. It has a 1/2 pritchel and 3/4 hardy.

Finally: New Anvil 4 is a poor picture, but you should be able to make out a 'perfect circle' dimple just beyond the pritchel hole (a divider leg points to it).
This dimple is very similar to one found on my Hay Budden anvil. Is this coincidence or is there a purpose for this?

Your input is appreciated.






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I'd guess that it is one of the Fisher and Norris anvils that they made for others to sell under their own names. Many Fisher anvils have no "Fisher" on them, as they originally came with a decal for the logo, which quickly wears off. The foot lugs are a bit odd -looking compared to most of the other Fishers I've seen, but not out of the realm of possibility. All in all, I'd say Fisher.

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