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Hungarian church windows anvil 200kg. "DIOSGYOR" Help to find some information about manufacturer

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Hi there!

Today I've bought this anvil. 200kg. 73cm long in total, face is 47cm x 12.5cm. & 40cm high. 


1943. II.


On the other side is     1489.

I would like to find some information about manufacturer, its hitory. Everything which I can find by this name it is a Castle DIOSGYOR in Hungary.  










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One reference mentions that the  DIOSGYOR region was an iron producing area so I'm guessing that the name does relate to the production location.  The 1943 date puts it in a theoretical bad time for quality--that was when war production meant whipping stuff out as fast as possible.  How does the quality seem to you?

"Also in Új(diós)győr (Diósgyőr-Vasgyár) stands the steel factory that made Miskolc the most important heavy industrial city of Hungary (and earned it the nickname "Steel City")."


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Thanks for answer. 

First impressions are very good: face is very flat (even with a ruler measuring up to the light), but has some marks of cuts, not serious & 2 chips - photo №№ 5 & 9.

As for its condition I think it was used hard for its 70+ years and it is still in good condition so I guess that the  quality  is good.

30mm steel ball bounces for about 80% of the height from which it was thrown. Currently face is in rust, I think after cleaning these results would be better. 

From 30mm steel ball strikes It sounds continuously, more longer then another Hungarian anwil which I have (Sac MNOSz1300)

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