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Hi---- I have some old Locks that I have a need to rebuild key's for and need info on the type of Machine that would be needed to make them --- The key's are a long type 2.1/2 by 1/2 wide inches with 1mm by 1mm grooves running the lenght of them--- or is there some way they can be made in a lathe-- like if a rotating cutting tool was fitted in the chuck and the part fixed to the bed----I thank you for any info at all====

---These will be made out of annealed Spring steel and them heat treated---

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The easiest way would be to find key blanks for the specific lock. If they are no longer manufactured, they may be able to be found at some of your long established locksmith shops. With all of this failing, we have taken blanks that were close and modified them so that they could be used. Then, the blank would be cut or filed to fit.


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