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wolf jaw tongs advice

Mark Ling

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so, I've been wondering if any of ya'll have ever tried making wolf jaw tongs. it just seems like a lot of grooves and curves in the jaws that I'm not sure how to make, do you grind them?, fuller them?- are they even worth making or should I just buy them from somewhere else, if so where should I buy them?


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I make all my tongs myself. For wolf jaws, say they are for 1/2" bar, I take a piece of 1/2" sq and (after properly siving the jaws) and put it in the jaws at the desired spots and hit down in the diagonal of the bar between the jaws. That way your grooves line up and are consistent. It's important to work both sides evenly or else your tongs will end up getting skewed. An easy fix, but very easily avoided too. Take your time and make them right the first time and they will serve you well for years to come. 

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I've never purchased a pair of tongs but i have made a set of very ugly "wolf jaw" when i was beginning,if i were to make another set i would say to leave plenty of meat in the jaws and fuller in the parallel and perpendicular grooves.When i first tried this i forged the jaws to desired thickness then tried working them into a bottom swage with a cross pein,it worked fine for the first groove but once i tried to put in the second set i got a lot of distortion.I think if i did it again i would work them over a bottom fuller or use a piece of stock to put the shape in.


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