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  1. (I must really apologize frosty in my post before last i guess i wasnt too clear of actions/intentions) When i said "i say we take anything light and useful" I meant from the wreckage and"can be retrieved with knives or rocks" was also from the standpoint of being at the wreckage.I see now that it wasnt very clear.So my action statement (If i may re-phrase it that is?) is this:we collected everything small and useful we could find using the tools we had at hand,and suggested making our way back to camp to tell what we saw as well as ask if anyone has any good ideas for the block?We brough
  2. Bruno is not feeling to well,he is sure its nothing major but decides his day will be best spent around camp and asks Clinton on which project he should work?Bruno explains he would like to help in any way he can but is not 100% today and awaits instruction.Maybe Clinton can go stretch his legs and Bruno will keep an eye on camp for half a day?
  3. (Sorry Frostig,and thanks for taking my turn) I say we take anything light and useful we can lay hands on,and anything that you can retrieve using knives rocks etc;and we get headed home.we can try to figure out how to cut the(i assume its steel cable on the block)tomorrow.The only other thought in Brunos' mind is "we need better tools"
  4. I really couldn't guess,but if its iron with what looks like a leather handle it may be a cobblers' tool? just putting it out there seeing as no-one else has warranted a guess. Doh'! just read the tag where it say wood oddity...so it just looked like iron in the pic i assume?if its made from wood then it could be anything...
  5. Boy was Bruno glad when Brandon sheared some quills to make the porky handle-able,considering what happened shortly after...Bruno probably would have gutted it(away from camp)and carried it on a stick/spear or "in one end out the other".After returning to camp with meat and a story to tell the two are relieved and Bruno rushes to show the sketch of the print(good thinkin' Brandon)to Clinton and maybe Aaron if he is well enough.Well now we know there are deer and bear...<Gulp>.
  6. So after Brandon and Bruno return from checking the traps(don't know how successful we were)I ask if anyone would like to take a salvage run with me?I feel we are "ok" but with this group scrap metal is treasure and we could definatly use some improvements to the camp,i feel there may be a weather shift coming and suggest seeing what we can find in the old boat wreck i saw...if we can get to it.
  7. Dur' Bruno whole-heartedly admits that he deserves a knock on the head with a decent sized stick....THE MAP!we can really get things going now that we can estimate where Brandons' traps are laid,Distance,terrain etc:As well as the fact when/if Aaron is coherent enough we can show him and see if anything from the map sparks valuable info...Again Bruno (and everyone else) has suffered shock and is in an autopilot state,except Clinton...If Bruno didnt know better he would have swore hes been shipwrecked before.
  8. Bruno apologizes for his absent-mindedness and follows Brandons' lead,making sure to listen and watch as he lays out the diagram and goes over how to check the traps efficiently.Bruno is on board with the "meet up 3 times a day"plan and decides he will stay close to camp and do what he can rather than isolating himself.After making a spear from alder he and brandon head out to check traps and plan to be back as soon as possible.
  9. Yep I say we go for the area with denser trees willow alder and hemlock all make good useful materials and serve as a natural windbreak,everyone in agreement?Its a bit steep but I think we can manage.
  10. Kinda with Thomas on this one(as far as solid fuel goes)id use it at 36" high if thats what i had available but probably only for lighter work.Another thought is will this be a long term forge?In my shop i actually stacked blocks/pieces of lumber under my forge body to calculate a comfortable working height for holding/grabbing out 1/2" all the way to 3" material because i knew i would be doing a bit of everything...worked fine.If i were to do it again(again solid fuel forge) I would just worry about being able to get odd shaped/long pieces in and not worry so much about the height...but thats
  11. Bruno,upon seeing Ben entering the new camp has an overwhelming sense of dread...Instant Panic.At least at the old camp Aaron was being tended to.The first thought that crosses his mind is to ask Clint to join him to trek back with some of the sausages to retrieve him...but knows by now many things could have happened.After a few moments of deep thought he decides he just doesnt feel right about how the situation,grabbing two sticks he begins beating them together"I need EVERYONES' attention now!" slowly the group gathers round knowing what is likely to be said,and frankly shocked because Brun
  12. Bruno is back (thanks Frostig) So it seems Clint and Bruno (and who-ever else)set off to a new site he had spotted in his scouting.During the walk Bruno and Clint discuss the situation with Aaron,screwy compasses,and the possibility of finding some good wreckage.Bruno having been without cigarettes for what feels like forever(part of the reason he did so much walking)feels bad about what was said at camp between Ben,Aaron and himself.Clint assures him everyone will understand being high-strung...Brunos' mind begins to wander as they trek along almost like he's on auto-pilot at this point,
  13. Bruno is no marksmen or hunter he is at the will of the staff/guides as to rifle caliber,scope,ammo etc;(he will need a roll)
  14. Bruno did think to himself about which 3 items he wouldn't go into the woods without something to chop,something to clear brush with,and something to hit things with.But apologizes...no hammer it is,And hopefully no hard feelings
  15. No problem just don't quote me that thats' the INTENDED use lol. But i have seen them used for axes.
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