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New to the site and pretty new to blacksmithing

I am a volunteer at a local metro park historic site I am learning the trade/ hobby from a couple other volunteers in a small blacksmith shop we set up at the site of a historic grist mill

This summer at a estate sale I picked up a brake drum forge with hand crank blower for $15, a post drill for $10 and 4 pairs of tongs for $15

I decided to set up a shop at home when I found this 8 x 10 wood building on craigslist for $100

Fortunately the cow manure inside had long since dried up and turned into dirt

I am working on it in my in-laws barn and while looking for some scrap wood in the barn my son found a nice anvil that I did not know my  father-in-law had purchased before he passed away. 

Found a $5 wood and glass door on craigslist to fill the door opening and added some boards to the bottom and it is now about 8" tall 

Bought 4- 22" x 29" wood windows at Menards to install, one on each side

The building has no floor and I am going to set it on a bed of crushed limestone and I am going to install metal roofing on top

Went to a local woodstove shop and asked about chimney requirements and guy ended up giving 3- 3' sections of 8" triple wall pipe from his scrap pile

Was going to use the 8" pipe to vent my forge out the roof but after searching this site I am concerned that it might not be large enough.

I was planning on setting the building with the door facing the east to block westerly winds if I wanted to set the forge outside the door in the summer

if the 8" stove pipe does not draw well I am considering leaving the forge outside in the winter and using the stove pipe to vent a small pot belly stove I bought at a local flee market 

I would appreciate any suggestions about the stove pipe, placement of the building or anything else that might help me out



bs 5.JPG

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Lay your stone and place the building in the direction you figure.  Then get a chair and sit in it for a long while.  Look long and hard. Put yourself and the tools you are going to work with in the building and see if this or that position work.  I used to work outside so when I moved inside I just replicated what was familiar to me.  Put something on the walls for sparks.  I wonder if you would be loosing economy of motion going back and forth through a door with hot metal every time you did work at the anvil? I like your cinder block lift kit.  Got to get me one of those.... Keep us posted.

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sounds like you got a pretty good deal at the estate sale! good job for saving an anvil:D


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It would be fun leaving It on the trailer and taking it to farm and blacksmith shows but I need trailer for other things.

The weather has put a stop to putting the shop in the backyard

Last week it was to wet to get the trailer back there and this week we got 8" of snow

Temps going up to the 50's this Sunday so yard will be wet again.

I did make time this week to build a hood for my forge from a metal coal storage can.  

I will update when yard either freezes or dries up    

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