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4' long, 2" square. Mild steel. Found at a flea market. Anyone know if it could be hardened? I want to make guillotine fuller, and butcher bits out of it. I kinda think it won't work very well. This first pic is of a 2 to 1and 1/4 trailer hitch adapter. Which is a strong and easy to fabricate frame for a guillotine.       Especially for us non-welders. Can the 2" thick piece be hardend?20160216_001454.thumb.jpg.d05a835381592d20160216_001423.thumb.jpg.5af72560a6c76d

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No telling from here Jack. What did the spark test look like? How about cutting a thin section off heating to critical and quenching it to see?

You can make a guillotine tool that bolts or rivets together, everything doesn't need to be welded you know.

Frosty The Lucky.

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