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I Forge Iron

Steam Buff Wall Hooks

David Kailey

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These are  hook I just came up with farting around during a 10 demo at the state fair in Spokane, wa

Call them Steam Buff Hooks cause that is the organization that has me out to do the demo.

Figured out the fewer bigger odd hammer blows creates the right visual effect of "facets" on the hook. If you get to many it looks mauled up, and unshapely. Less is more. I like em they are fun to do.





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9 minutes ago, Frosty said:

I like the big blows too, they really make the steel's plastic nature stand out a person can the see it's transformation without the specialized experience of being a blacksmith.

Nice, how do they sell?

Frosty The Lucky.

They sell pretty well once i figured out the right textured to make them appealing to the eye. You can tell the two hooks toward the horn of my anvil are just to busy, they don't look right. over and over people would pick those two up and put them down and grab a different hook to buy even if the shape was the same. I am glad i picked up on it cause making that discovery made a difference. the only reason they were different was because I was figuring out the best way to produce them quickly and over that process the look of them changed. I actually liked the ones made later better also. I just didn't know why until later.

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