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Fuller set from rail anchor


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A friend gave me a bunch of Fair® rail anchors (from a rail-to-trail conversion near her home), and I had the idea of trying to make fullers from them. So, from the top:

Anchor as found (with some brainstorming sketching)

In progress, straightening out the bend.

Forging complete, with bend squared off into a shank to fit the hardie hole, anchor cut in half, and top fitted with a rodded handle.


And here are the top and bottom with the edges ground smooth. This gives a width of about 1/4".


I think I should be able to upset the anchor's "blade" to make bigger radii, as well.

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Just occurred to me, I don’t need a portable hole. Heavy forging to fit a new Hardy to the Hardy hole in my anvil could break off the heel. Necessitating the purchase of a new larger anvil. Even SWMB couldn’t disagree with that could she?


Just kidding, I would never try to break a perfectly fine Mouse Hole just because I wanted something new. Besides, I am not sure I could bust off the heel no matter how much I abused it. 

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