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Ceramic blanket density?

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The 128 kg/m3 is the better choice. It's 8 lb/cu ft in old money.

The 96 kg/m3 is 6 lb/cu ft.

There is also a 160 kg/m3 (10 lb/cu ft) blanket available in the 1425 degC / 2600 degF grade, which  might be worth paying a bit extra for if you can find it. 

The higher density stuff is actually the better insulator, according to the spec sheets.






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Hi Tim, 


Fancy seeing you here. I was just looking at your amal burner threads over on BB. I had been building a DIY burner but I think I'll just bite the bullet and get an amal injector bought. I only found one place that sells the 160kg/m3 and that was out of stock. I'll get some 128kg/m3 blanket for now. I don't plan on welding in it for the time being so that should be ok I'd have thought. 




All the best 


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