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Questions on a cable knife

Austin Ferraiuolo

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I have been blacksmithing for about two years but I finally worked up the courage to try to make a knife. I welded some cable and was actually very suprises with the results from that I was talking with a guy from my work and he wants to buy a knife and he told me to suprises him on the style. So that being said what would you recomend what type of handle? And how do I get the damascus to come out? The pictures are of a knife I was just expirimenting with. Thanks!



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As far as handles go, you need to find a style you like.  I prefer the narrow tang/bolt through style.  I find it easiest with the tools I have. 

Your welds look good, most never get it the first time.  You'll want to work on your hammer control since you'll need to grind out those hammer marks.  Most guys want to make big knives.  But really, ask yourself what you like in knives you use and build that into your design.

In my experience cable does well when polished down to a 600grit and a slow etch or two in Ferric Chloride.

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i recently made a cable knife for myself just to display/experiment with. what i did for a handle was i left it as cable (mine was only about one inch in diameter) so that you can clearly see what it started out as- I and the public like to see repurposing of materials. as for etching i just used some hot/boiling viniger to etch it since heat speeds up chemical reactions,  dont quote me on that:D it only took about 10 minutes. the etch wasnt the greatest but i used what i had.


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