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Spiral ducting connector

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Apologies from the rubbish pics but a tip to anyone that plans on using spiral ducting with male internal connectors to link sections - the connectors aren't very long & straight connections can easily become unwanted elbows in the wind.

Here's a brace I fabricated to span my flue connecting point & to keep it straight. 2 split collars with a bit of 16mm round bar welded down the back as a spine. The collars are a smidge undersized so that as the bolts tighten each collar really cramps onto the flue. I couldn't photograph the collars from the other side to show how the bolts go through, but you can probably guess anyway.

Not the most exciting thread but someone might stumble on it one day & find it useful.



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I think it is great,. Brings in to thought some of the little things to keep in mind during the excitement of setting up a forge or even doing repairs.  And I always like to learn from someone else's mistake or idea to make something better.

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