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I Forge Iron

Throwing Mini-Kukri

Micah Burgin

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Suprisingly well balanced, this miniature Kukri is a birthday gift for a friend. The finish was mainly left so dirty to make it noticeably hand forged, since the friend in question is a scout and has many knives, making a unique design much more exciting.


I'm going to make a matching leather sheath, pics when completed. I left the blade unsharpened because of my friend's preference of blade geometry for sharpening being a bit odd.

But we're here for pictures!


The knife is pretty small, about 4" of blade and the same in the grip. Quite well balanced with the bulged tip accounting for the thicker base.


The steel is left pretty soft, because I would prefer blade folding over shattering since it's easier for me to repair, and I have no skill in heat treating but I know how to anneal well. That said, it still held an edge through being thrown at wood, so I think it'll do fine. All he has are commercial stainless knives anyhow, so this is an upgrade, :P


This was mainly an exercise in shaping practice. If it weren't for rebar's frustrating texture, this would not have needed so much grinding work after it came out of the forge, but it still worked well enough. Personally, I like the smooth look of hammer finish more than the end grinder finish though.

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8 hours ago, TheoRockNazz said:

That's a great practice knife, but rebar won't be suitable for a knife that sees regular use. Pick up some tool steel and heat treat so it's springy. 

Yeah, I'm planning on getting some known steel for the next one. This one was mainly designed to look good, and I needed to test the ability to normalize, so I used this for both. Turned out quite well, actually. I just left it in the forge right after the blower had been turned off for the day and the steel was held at curie for probably 30~ minutes and then gradually cooled to resting.

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