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Prosper Texas - N Dallas TX -need a place to learn

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Nate,  it's good to see guys that want lessons! They are invaluable! However don't be too obsessed with 'environment ' . I've done lots and lots of traveling to see and visit blacksmiths worldwide and you will often find that in the 'orderly well set out ' shops the owners are often too busy to spend enough time with beginners where enthusiastic 'part timers' are prepared to invest more time with beginners.   I'm obviously not referring to schools but to guys who may offer to teach you. You live in a country that abounds with blacksmiths that are very talented yet do it as a hobby. Were I in your shoes, I would research your local blacksmithing association (someone's likely to post the info here ) and go to a hammer in or meeting, you'll be amazed at just how hospitable these folk can be. Then work from there.

Good luck



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