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Who uses this maker's mark?

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My husband was a farrier and had quite a bit of nice equipment.  He passed away in 2012. I am just now going thru the items..He always kept good care of his things. I have found quite a bit that I can recognize such as Jay Sharp, Jim Bloom, anvil by Pine Bluff Forge, etc.. But there are a couple of tools that have marks that I cant find the history on.  There is a fore punch ( I think that is what you call it) and a pritchel that have the same mark on them.. Looks like a foxes head.  Also one has a pineapple on it and one has what looks like a hula girl on it..  I am sending the pictures.. Can someone tell me who the makers are on these? Am trying to get an inventory together so that I can offer everything for sale.

makers mark 2 (2).jpg

makers mark 3.jpg

makers mark 2 (1).jpg

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I also have a Pine Bluff Forge 125# anvil by Jim Linzy.  I can't seem to find any info anywhere for this anvil.  Does anyone have information or know anything about it? Seems to be in great condition and was used by my husband for his farrier work only.  Thanks for any info you might have..

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