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I Forge Iron

Hello from sunny Oregon


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Hey everybody.  Been lurking on here for the past year or so trying to soak up as much wisdom as possible.

   My background is that I took a couple of blacksmithing classes at the community college last year so I figure I know just enough to get myself in trouble.

        My interest in the craft started out with wanting to make traditional tools for woodworking but has since blossomed into all areas from ornamental to fill in the blank.

   Right now am in the tooling up stage where most of what I make is a tool to make a tool to make the project I want to work on...would eventually like to get to where I could turn out some axes but without a power hammer I fear that is going to be shelved until the biceps get bigger.

Here's a photo of my current setup using charcoal for the moment.  140# Fisher anvil, champion blower and a no name leg vice I got at the steam up this sunmer.


Looking forward to sponging up all the wisdom on this place.


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Have you hooked up with the NWBA? They're a large active organization good guys. A good way to set up your forge is so the top is the same level as your anvil. This allows you to use the anvil to support long pieces in the fire or visa versa.

Another good rule of thumb is to use the same work station spacing as a kitchen (and other work spaces, LOTS) about 1 pace between stations, about 6'. This isn't a hard number it needs to be comfortable and not so close you're tripping over stuff.

The forge is the heart of the shop also called the Hearth. . . Heart. You can work both sides of the forge so you don't HAVE to have EVERYTHING a pace apart.

I hang tongs on and near the forge, hammers on or near the anvil. Put the ancillary tools where you need them. Yes?

A bench is a good thing, REALLY good thing.

On and on, it's a slippery slope, enjoy.

Frosty The Lucky.

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