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I Forge Iron

lighting a forge ( Coke ) in 7 minutes

the iron dwarf

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here is a short vid of lighting my forge, 1 firelighter, some charcoal and coke was all that was used, others say it takes 30 mins to an hour but here it was going in 7 mins and we often take less time.

vid is 7.47

lit at 0.30

forge is bottom blast

hope this works, shown the whole 7 minutes rather than editing it down shorter

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Iron Dwarf,


    Looks like you and I developed the same technique half a world apart with the same results.  About the only difference is I use a MAAP gas plumbers torch with a trigger button to light the wax block (and my gas forges). If you don't have one of the torches look into them, they are quite handy.



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today it was 6 minutes to get hot enough to work inch thick steel, in the vid we were not trying for speed but I had heard people say they would not wait 30 plus mins so only use gas.

have thought about a map torch but dont have much need for one, if I see one that is a good bargain I might get it

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I use the same technique for lighting my charcoal forge. I have some fire lighters that are mdf soaked in kerosene and wax. One of those lit with a match and some small pieces of charcoal and i can have a fire ready to use in under 10 mins.

I've also heard of smiths using a gas axe torch to light their coke fires. I;ve used small propane torches and i've found the lighter block and match to be the cheapest method ;) MAPP gas is £30 per bottle in B&Q. I can even make do with some wood shavings covered in WD40!

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A woodworker has his workshop at the other end of the barn, so I go and collect his offcuts, mostly pine, and can get a coke fire going pretty quick with just a wood fire, with coke piled overtop. I am now using coal though and that goes up even quicker. I never quite understood the mystique about lighting a coke fire... 

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