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Fisher steel over horn ?

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I was wondering if the steel insert over the horn was hardened like the face, did they have much trouble with these seperating? also did they use steel over the horn on all sizes.  The biggest Fisher i have seen is in the paul bunyan camp at Carson Park in Eau claire  wisconsin its an 8oo pounder. Just thought i would mention this if any of you are in that area.

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Fisher used a cast tool steel horn piece on all of their anvils.  The steel piece on the horn was NOT hardened.  Separation was no more common on the horn as the face.  Most held up over their lifetime.  Some horns and some faceplates failed, either through a defect or improper use.  

The 800 lb Fisher anvil is the biggest know to have been cast for use.  Yes, there is the 1400 lb Centennial anvil, but it was more for exhibition than use.  Fisher did advertise that they could make a 1000 lb anvil, but I have no records of any being made, and none have surfaced publicly.

The museum has an 800, and I have seen two more.  The one you mention is the fourth one that I have heard about.  If you are ever there, could you photograph it from all sides?  Thanks.

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Yes, I will get you some photos when  i get back that way. They might be shut down soon for the winter. When i get back there i will ask if they have any info. of where it came from.  If anyone on the forum is from that area they might also post some photos. thanks for your answer.

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