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Forging spoons and forks as cutlery

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Good day to all members.

I believe all is well and good on your side? I am new to this forum. I currently am experimenting with cable forging...what I really want to achieve is to be able to forge ( coal/charcoal) cutlery in forms of a tea-spoon, spoon and fork/knife as sets..

I really would appreciate it very much if a member who already forging items like tea-spoons, spoons , forks ( the knife I am ok with) to assist me in the procedures he/she is using. 

Kind Regards


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I've never done any cutlery forging, but if you are intending making sets, I should imagine suitable swages for each piece would be an advantage. That would enable you to make each item with the consistancy required for a set. If you are making knives already then it would only be a small step to producing a set of swages (top and bottom sets).

If you add your location to your profile, other members may be in your area and able to help you more.

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