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New London Pattern Anvils

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Is anyone besides Emerson making new steel London pattern anvils that are available in the US? I know TFS, JMH, and various other farrier suppliers make them in ductile iron. Emerson is the only one I can find making them out of steel. In my neck of the wood anvils in good condition are hard to find and sell for close per pound to a new Emerson. I like their 200lb Traditional anvil but do they have any competition?

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why London pattern?

an "improved" London pattern (has a second horn, something between a london pattern's heel and continental double horned pyramidal horn) are the Rhino anvils, American made. the improvement is the narrowing heel, which lacks so much on the London pattern anvils. another plus is the conical horn. but, if I would live in the US and look for something new, I'd go for the Peddinghaus as first choice. once you have worked on a double horn anvil, you couldn't live without anymore.

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I have a double horned Peddinghaus I bought new several years ago and a pretty well worn Trenton. I would not be with out the double horned anvil either but like the shapes of a London pattern more for some operations. I would like to get something in the 200lb plus range and in good condition to replace the Trenton. I sure would not turn away something used in good condition but in my area it just makes more sense to me to buy new. The Trenton I'm going to keep for guests to use and when a bit of sway back is needed.

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