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Belated Hello!


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I thought I should officially introduce myself after having posted here for a week or so.
I'm Larry, live near Yakima, Wa. USA. Originally from Maine but transplated here via marriage and an ex-wife. Kids are still here so here I stay...........for now.
I work as a computer network admin for a local school district. I've had an interest in learning forging since my high school days but was never in a place to do anything about it till a few years ago. After getting divorced and not sure what to do with myself. Was tempt to but reframed from getting drunk as an option. I found a place to take a blacksmithing class near Olympia, Wa. Really enjoyed the class, got the bug and set up my own forge and anvil (RR Track!) Smithed on it for about 1 year then met my wife to be and moved, got married, moved her, moved both of us and now almost 2 years later have managed to get back into smithing. Decided I'd be best served by taking another course. Did that, got my forge set up again and have been hammering again for about a month. Am discovering that my body doesn't much like the beating it gets from beating metal so will be trying to build a treadle hammer from the plans in the BP's after the first of the year.
Other than smithing, I enjoy skiing, downhill, tele, XC, Rock climbing, mountain biking. Most anything outdoors.
I found this site while googling for treadle hammers and have enjoyed the posts, BP's and friendliness of everyone here.

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Welcome Larry! Good to have you here. I am a beginner here also. There are quite a few of us around. It sounds like you are off to a good start on your smith ( and your treadle hammer ). Share some pics if you get the chance. You will find many knowledgable people here who are ready & willing to share their experience(s) to aspiring blacksmiths.

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