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Hay Budden Anvil Infor From Serial Number Please


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Hello All - I found this Hay Budden anvil with serial number 111459 in my  barn. The 9 seems to be an upside down 6. Also a 84 stamped and it weighs in at 84 pounds. There is a 4 stamped under the horn and a 2 stamped on the back top area.  Any information on this anvil will be really appreciated regarding year. It is unbroken and seems to be in good shape. Thank You

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Hi matto. About 10 years. The anvil along with other metal items like a cream separator, mule traces etc that survived rats and rain was under a grainery floor which is within the barn. A ancient neighbor told me he remembered the owner had his shop in the grainery so he could heat it in the winter. Since the floor collapsed and everything just piled on it at the ground level (bank barns often fail in this way)  finally got around to working that part of the stone foundation wall which I am replaceing with block and cement to save the frame. The anvil being what it is survived quite well but most everything else was rust and ruin. I am still looking for the mason jar of gold and silver coins but perhaps this anvil will pay for the rest of the block, cement, and mortar! I do not work metal so I only need a simple iron block to fix my sickle bars and set rivits once in a while.

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